Does your website load within 3 seconds?

Its no hidden secret: websites loading with more than 3 seconds is a NON PERFORMING ASSET.

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If you don’t know yet, use our Google Page Speed Insights Integrated Tool that will guide you in knowing your page speed.

More Than 50% of Visitors leave your website if it Takes 3 or more Seconds to unveil

Why Web Page Speed Matters?

Are you suffering from Poor Response Times or PageSpeed Scores?
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Less than 3 seconds

If you are having a website that takes more than 2 seconds to load, you SHOULD be speaking to us on how to get that ruled out.

Response Time and Conversions

For every 1s in improvement in response time, there are 2% increase in conversions.

Average Attention Span

How much time you spend between posts on Social Media? If your answer is between 3-5 seconds then you know Avg response time.

Losses in Revenue

We realize that Amazon loses a revenue of approximately $1.6bn every year owing to slow response times. Is your website similar?

Good SEO health

Lower crawl budgets, Faster Search Engine Crawling, Quicker Indexing, Amazing Online Business. Isnt that all you need?

Poor User Experience

All in all, if your website cannot retain your customer satisfaction due to slow response, it is likely to gain bounce rates and lose business.

Guaranteed Page Speed Improvement. Or Money Back!


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Optimize Page Speed, Optimize Website Load Time, Performance Enhancements

What can we do for you?

We use the latest techniques and optimisation suggestions given by Google to optimize your web page performance and ave a great PageSpeed Insights score. Website load time under 2 seconds and being mobile first are compulsory for being indexed by Google.

Any site visitor can be converted into paying customers if they stay longer on your website. If you webpage lags or loads slowly it can result in losing the objective of having a website.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our satisfied customer say

300% user growth in a span of 4 months is what we have seen. Page Speed Insights Results is the most essential part for your website indexing.

I have met multiple businesses who claim they understand optimization, but experts are the need of the hour. They deliver Promising Results in shortest time possible

Ivan Bayross

Digital Marketing Evangelist

My website grew from 10k users to 30k users in a span of 5 months post optimization. Highly recommended service. The team is supportive and responsible.

Sanjay Vyas

Entrepreneur, Tenders On Time

My web site was optimized by them. Quick turnaround, reliable service, no downtime, good quality of deliverable. They are punctual in deliveries and clear in communication.

Huzaifa R

Entrepreneur, HMR Industries

My business got great boost after optimizing the site for conversion rate optimization. Right from content to design to call to actions, they have been able to handle it all for me.

Han Parker

Public Notary

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How it works

Analyse  Bottlenecks & Report

Analyse Bottlenecks & Report

We run your website through multiple tests that tell us the core issues in your code. Our experts formalize a plan for your website and tell you a tentative timeline for the site optimization.

Once analyzed, we report you with a detail plan of action on how we will optimize the website for you.

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Website Optimization Phase

Website Optimization Phase

Page Speed Experts understand that site optimization cannot be done in live environment. We create a backup of the site and do the magic. Site score keeps improving until its maximum.

Once optimization is complete, we test the site for its functionality and finally update on live environment.

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Maintainance Improvisation

Maintainance Post Improvisation

Your website keeps undergoing changes. You need to maintain the optimizations done on each update.

As long as your website stays, we monitor and control your optimizations and make sure any update does not hamper the optimization ranking of your site.

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