50% of customers leave if your sales page takes more than 3 seconds to load

Have you ever thought of the impact on your weekly/monthly/yearly sales?

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You are losing business to your competitor whose sales page loads in less than 3 seconds.

Why Web Page Load Speed Matters?

50% of the visitor’s leave & don’t return if your sales page loads slowly.

You Are Losing Business to your competitor whose sales page loads in less than 3 seconds.

Page Speed Experts have made it our mission to create sales pages that load like lightning.

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Can we work together, to do the same for you?

Slow loading web pages mean:

  • High number of visitors leaving your site
  • Poor sales
  • Less money in the bank

Can you afford this month on month? Especially, if you are running paid ad campaign to bring in site visitors.

Pathetic Page load speed is the NUMBER ONE reason, why marketing campaigns fail miserably.

Just spend 60 seconds and check your Google Analytics account.

Identify how many site visitors come to your site, using mobile devices.

Normally, more than 60% site visitors hit your site using mobile devices.

Never judge how well your website loads on your mobile. Your visitors do not have the same internet connection as you do.

When it comes to understand load speed, there is so much of confusion on the internet. People misinterpret Google in so many ways:

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  • how quickly a website must load
  • how quickly does your website become interactive
  • how mobile device friendly is your web page

If your sales page meets all these qualities, you can achieve greater sales than your competition. We can help you get there.

With over 12 years of experience in optimizing hundreds of clients' website and working exclusively on Page Speed Optimization, we have the required experience and specialization that you can count on.

With our kind of experience, we have maximized load times for websites and portals. We stand for timely delivery, priority service and safe optimization of site.

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How do we Optimize Your Site?

Getting your sales pages optimized to for super fast load times, we follow the steps below:

Audit the Site

We understand reasons that cause your site to slow down.

Setup Test Environment

Develop a test platform where web page optimization happens.

Site Optimization

Our Page Speed Experts work on your web page optimization.


Go ahead and tell the world about it. Grow online business.

Setup Test on Live

Test your optimized website to see if all functionalities are working fine.

Migrate to Live Site

Move code to your live server. Now you can see your optimized site.

Customer Satisfaction

Our satisfied customer say

300% user growth in a span of 4 months is what we have seen. Page Speed Insights Results is the most essential part for your website indexing.

Ivan Bayross

Digital Marketing Evangelist

I have met multiple businesses who claim they understand optimization, but experts are the need of the hour. They deliver Promising Results in shortest time possible and very hardworking.

Sanjay Vyas

Entrepreneur, Tenders On Time

My website www.tendersontime.com grew from 10k users to 30k users in a span of 5 months post optimization. Highly recommended service. The team is supportive and responsible.

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50% of the visitor’s leave & don’t return if your sales page loads slowly.